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I make it a point to always ask my patients about their past chiropractic experiences. I want to know what they enjoyed about the office staff. The clinic environment. What was effective? What wasn’t? This information can save a lot of time when trying to figure out the best type of care for each patient. I also try to learn what caused them to seek another chiropractor. Some of the reasons that I hear are that they recently moved and need another chiropractor to continue maintaining their health. Or, their old chiropractor has retired. Due to Arizona’s insurance environment, many are leaving the state to practice elsewhere. But, the most common reason I hear for a patient changing chiropractors is that the doctor recommended more care than someone wanted.

“He wanted me to come in forever, whether or not I had pain.”
In fact, the most common fear I hear, even when I talk socially to others about chiropractic, whether they’ve been under chiropractic care or not, is…

“I heard once you go, you have to go forever.”

I believe all of my patients have the right to care for their body the way they see fit. You and your body are stuck with one another, so if anyone should be making choices about your health, it should be YOU.

Unlike most chiropractic offices, YOU choose your level of care. As your doctor, I promise I will give you as much information as I can to make that choice an educated one.

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