We all know we need to take Omega 3 Fish Oil. Dr. Mercola says so. Dr. Oz says so. Countless medical and nutritional journal articles say so. Omega 3 Oil has been purported to prevent and or treat everything from ADHD, to mental disorders , to post-partum depression, to low back pain, to slowing the aging process.            Omega 3 Molecule. You know a supplement is good when drug companies are patenting their own version and selling it as a treatment for high triglycerides. It’s also showing promise in preventing heart disease. It’s not a miracle drug. It’s merely a nutrient we are almost all deficient in. These deficiencies are what lead to disease (more on that later).

Humans should have a ratio of 1:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3.

Instead, most Americans have a ratio of 14:1 respectively. Omega 6 increases inflammation and pain, and Omega 3 reduces it. Some very obvious conclusions as to why we are suffering from primarily inflammatory diseases like heart disease, autoimmune diseases and allergies should begin to make sense.

Many of my patients, having heard the news about fish oil, have tried it…and then hadfish “fish burps”. When your body can’t digest the fish oil, it can often cause indigestion and a disgusting fishy regurgitation of gas. If you knew what I and rest of the scientific community do about Omega 3’s and health, you’d consider “fish burps” an acceptable side-effect. The good news is…

You don’t have to get the “fish burps”.

Most of the time, this side-effect is the result of purchasing vitamins at the same place you purchase flat screen TV’s and tube socks. Cheap fish oil is often of questionable quality, and as a result can be rancid or oxidized. This is what causes the indigestion and the resultant “fish burps”.

Here’s what to look for in a quality fish oil:

Pharmaceutical Grade: You want to know what you are taking and how much. Making sure your supplements are all certified Pharmaceutical Grade, is the best way to know that what’s on the label is EXACTLY what’s in the capsule.

Mercury Free: Due to pollution, fish accumulate mercury; a neuro-toxin. Mercury is where the term “Mad Hatter” came from. Handling mercury made many of them go insane. Only get fish oil that uses small, cold water fish. They have little to no mercury compared to larger fish, which can accumulate more mercury in their bodies over time.

Cold Pressed: The word Omega 3 comes from the shape of the carbon chain that makes up the oil. Boiling the oil to purify it changes the structure, making it…well, something else. The best fish oil is purified under extreme pressure, keeping the Omega 3 structure intact.

Taste Test: That’s right. Taste it. Chew a capsule. If it smells like fish, it’s oxidized and worthless. Fish oil can be oxidized under prolonged exposure to heat and UV light. On your next visit, ask me to chew one of our Innate Choice, Organic, Cold-Pressed, Mercury Free capsules. I don’t mind. More Omega’s for me!

Ask me about how Omega 3 Fish Oil has helped many of my patients suffering from chronic pain, and more importantly, increased their health

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Dr. Aaron L. Wiegand, DC