Did you know there is a battle going on right now inside your body? There’s a battle which can determine how you age and even what conditions you are going to be prone to get. It’s all out war on your cells! Are you giving them the weapons to fight back?

Each time a cell dies, it must be replaced. Just like when you take a copy of a copy, it’s never quite as good as the original. Over time, these copies of copies of copies become so poor in quality that they no longer function at all. Or, they simply get replaced by fibrotic repair tissue, as in arterial sclerosis (hardening of the arteries). That’s aging. Over time, enough cells stop functioning that it effects how an entire organ works. Sometimes, the turnover of cells is too rapid, and one goes rogue, eating everything in site, including your other cells. We call that “cancer”.


So, it stands to reason that slowing down cell turnover is of the utmost importance when it comes to health. But, who’s on the attack and how can we teach our cells some self defense?

Free Radicals Vs. Antioxidants
Free Radicals:Remember from highschool biology that mitochondria is the “powerhouse” of the cell. It’s ok if you don’t. Us nerds thought that stuff was so cool, we became chiropractors. Well, that “powerhouse” puts off pollution just like power plants do today. The more energy the cell makes, the more pollution is spewed into the cell. This pollution comes in the form of Free Radicals. Nasty chemicals with extra electrons that will destroy anything it comes in contact with. DNA, the cell wall, anything! By the time these things get done with a cell, it looks like the Death Star from Star Wars (nerd, remember?). The more calories you eat, the more energy your mitochondria produce, the more free radicals you get. The bad air you breath, the more free radicals you produce (notice the smoker who looks 10 years older than they should). Here’s the worst one. The more you perform aerobic exercise, the more mitochondria you get, which means more Free Radicals! Elite (Olympic) athletes have a nasty habit of dying about 10 years sooner than the average American’s life expectancy. Some believe this is due to enormous amount of Free Radicals they produce.

Ever play hot potato? Me neither. But, the premise is that you toss a hot potato around until it cools (The amount of boredom this would require in order to appeal to youths must’ve been outstanding). Essentially, this is what Antioxidants do with Free Radicals. They bind to the Free Radicals and “toss” that nasty free electron around until it no longer poses a threat, or “cools off”. Antioxidants protect your cells. Some Antioxidants are made by your body and float in your cells or your blood, patrolling for Free Radical hooligans. Others, you must ingest because your body can’t make them itself. Some vitamins like C and E are Antioxidants. Lions and tigers can make vitamins like “C” from meat. We can’t. The best way to make sure you’re getting all that you need is to take in a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Neglect these two items at your peril. In houses in which plants are NOT involved with every meal, you’ll likely also find heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, early-onset joint arthritis, etc. In fact, for more proof, simply look at regions of the country where diets are primarily meat, bread and cheese. They have higher rates of many of these diseases, and much higher health care costs.

Notice a theme?

The same nutritional necessities to reduce inflammation, are the same which fight cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and yes, even chronic pain. It’s the essence of the “South Beach Diet” and the “Spectrum Diet” which has been shown to reduce risk for heart attack and stroke. The Spectrum Diet can actually claim to REVERSE CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE! Your body needs good oils, lean meats (as wild as possible) and mostly fruits and vegetables. In fact, the earliest record of human beings suggests they received 60% of their calories from plants and 40% from wild game. More on this later…

Ask me how to increase Antioxidants naturally through your diet on your next visit. Antioxidants are as important to your spine as they are to the rest of your body.

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Dr. Aaron L. Wiegand, DC