No. I am not talking about the Theremin-laden 1966 Beach Boys hit. I’m talking about Whole Body Vibration (WBV). WBV is the reason I use the Power Plate in my treatment programs. So, what is WBV? Why do I use it? Why should you?

Did you know your spine contains a natural pain killer? It’s true. Every time a spinal joint moves, information is sent into the spinal cord and up to the brain. Along the way, this information literally sprays chemicals on the nerves that transmit pain which turns them off. That’s why we “walk it off”, or we rub our head when we bump it. Vibrations within the skin and joints activate your body’s natural pain killers. The more people move, the greater threshold for pain. That’s why athletes tolerate injuries much better than sedentary people.


It’s also why an adjustment can reduce pain. When a spinal joint can’t move, pain is free to send that message to your brain. After an adjustment, movement is restored, and your natural drug store dishes out endorphins like a Pez Dispenser!

Are you getting this? Movement reduces pain!

Now, what if I could activate all of those joints at once, creating a shower of your own pain killers without having to make you move which may be painful during an injury?

Now I can!!!

By using WBV, I can turn down the volume on pain, get people relief, and increase natural healing FASTER! The Power Plate not only increases endorphins, it also increases circulation. This is why when patients use it, the rush of blood to their ears and nose can cause them itch. So, increased circulation + natural pain killing = FASTER RELIEF!

For my patients suffering from whiplash or a low back spasm as a result of an inflamed disc, the Power Plate has become an invaluable addition to rehab protocols.

If you’d like to learn more about the Power Plate, and how WBV can make you reach your fitness goals of strength and flexibility, faster than traditional exercise, click here. Dr. Mercola, owner of the most viewed health and wellness site on the web,, reviews the health benefits of this amazing technology.

If you haven’t experienced WBV vibration before, ask me to show you a quick demonstration the next time you’re in for your regular adjustment.

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Dr. Aaron L. Wiegand, DC