According to the European Spine Journal, the discs in between the bones in your spine called, vertebrae, are the largest organs in your body lacking a blood supply. By the age 15-20, the growth plates in your spine become bone, and circulation to your discs diminishes significantly. The heart can no longer pump nutrients to the cells building the collagen that keeps you discs strong, yet moveable. From then on, your spinal discs rely on regular motion in order to pump nutrients in and waste out.

This is why I will regularly see the beginning stages of disc degeneration in my patients as early as age 25. Without nutrients, the cells of the disc begin to die and become replaced with stiff and weak scar tissue.

This is why I use multiple techniques in my office to reinstate normal spinal motion in my patients. By mobilizing the spine, we can increase circulation, and even break down scar tissue. By allowing the spine to move and function to a greater capacity, healing nutrients can deliver the relief patients suffering from back and neck pain need.

Dr. Aaron L. Wiegand,DC,CCST